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Mileage correction on an Audi TT

ECU remapping / Super chipping

We only work with the best maps on the market, unlike some. We can remap the ECU of any car, van or truck in the market because we keep on top of the competition by spending thousands of pounds on purchasing the right tools to provide the best possible service.

All our maps will be tailored made for your car, the VIN number and other sensitive data regarding your vehicle will be copied over from your original ECU data. What can we offer?

We offer a 30% increase on BHP after the ECU remapping is finished, and torque which means much more mpg on motorway driving. Outcome depends on the vehicle and the driver. We will do future investigation once the remapping is done to tell you exact figure of BHP your vehicle is running at.

Advantages of ECU remapping?

  • More power means a better driving experience
  • The vehicle would be much more responsive to your right foot
  • Flat spots will be eliminated
  • Much quicker acceleration making overtaking less dangerous