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Mercedes C Class w204
Mileage correction on an Audi TT

Volkswagen Polo Mileage Correction

Professional mileage correction for your Volkswagen Polo can be needed as a result of the data on the odometer becoming corrupt. This can be caused due to an accident or collision with of your Volkswagen Polo with another car. We have skilled mechanics that are able to correct any mileage issues that could have affected your odometer.  The equipment that we use to correct the mileage on your Volkswagen Polo is modern and can effectively diagnose as well as correct the mileage on your Volkswagen Polo. The mileage corrections service for your Volkswagen Polo is guaranteed to be professional and reliable.

Mileage correction done via the obd port on an Audi TT, we cover 99% of the VAG group vehicles via the obd port including Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat and even Bentley